Teams are what make up companies into successful ventures. We at Approach Entertainment are more than proud to have a balanced mix of the exuberant and the experienced, the experiment loving and the experts, the inventive and the rooted, all under one roof. We are differently inclined individuals, all of us placing your goals before ours; we have deep faith in our credentials, and we create our own milestones with each assignment that we undertake. We work for the sake of our passion, and passion mixed with hard work delivers unexpected results. With such diverse portfolios, varied individuals, and different visions, one thing remains common to us all, and that is Your Satisfaction.

We have roped in freshers holding professional degrees from the most reputed institutions for the fresh perspective in Events, Celebrity Management and Film Marketing having hands on experience with the industry’s working framework and we also have industry veterans who may not hold a professional degree but hold the nerve of the entertainment business. The result of this fiery combination serves our clients with a perfect balance of creativity with innovation relying on strong foundations, making our assignments a work of great minds woven together by Approach’s scintillating futuristic vision.

We have divided our groups based on the type of assignments that we handle; we have roped in multi faceted talents holding vast experience in Events Management, Celebrity Management, Film Productions, Entertainment Marketing and PR Skills. For our celebrity and talent management wing, we rely on the most energetic and professionally qualified people.

Films and Bollywood is a complex subject in itself, and none other than industry veterans are more suited to lead an insight into our Films Production and Marketing Teams. Integrated Communications is a work of applying principles coupled with innovative techniques, and no less than professionals in this field will help us. Our teams are selected and rotated, first on the basis of professional qualifications, then on the hands on experience, though we do love to surf the personalities of our individual team members and assign them newer and challenging roles.

Our people come from the best of the institutions, and we do rely on those certificates and degrees just as you do, however, there is one more thing that we play with – that is individual capabilities and interests. We work as as a family of close knit individuals and the challenge before us is to keep the passion alive, the reforms happening, and the fundamentals strong.We scrutinize each assignment in detail, and then work on a panel throwing in a mentor, a manager and associates.

Approach Entertainment Team is based out of 5 cities with its offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa and Jalandhar. We have specialized divisions in Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Advertising Films Productions, Corporate Films Productions, Films Marketing, Events and Entertainment Marketing. Our specialized divisions are being headed by industry professional in respective fields. Approach Entertainment is one of the top entertainment Marketing company in India with specialized verticals.

Our teams bask in the glory of the experts that they rely upon, and we bring to you the most creative yet innovative people with strong basis foundation to deliver what others are still dreaming of. We are our biggest competitors, we are the people who create possibilities out of nowhere, we believe in delivering till the last breath, and we back our performances with tangible results, this is the Team at the Approach Entertainment, the new face of the entertainment marketing and management industry.